HAHONICO Inc. - Company Guidance

hahonico for beautiful hair

The Gift of Care

Surprise. Relaxation. Smiles.In treating your hair, we bring you these experiences. That's why we are here for you.Through our products and staff, we pledge to be of assistance to our customers.


Mission Statement
We create beauty treatment culture hand-in-hand with beauticians. The beauty treatment industry offers people happiness through our services, we perform work that makes people beautiful and leads them to happiness.

We aim to become the leading manufacturer in salon branding.

Hahonico's value as a company lies in the growth of salons.
The growth of salons leads to joy in the lives of customers, which in turn is Hahonico's joy.
As in other industries, competition in the beauty treatment industry's markets is becoming more severe, creating a difficult environment for the growth of salons through knowledge and technology alone.
Furthermore, to increase customer satisfaction it is vital to set a proper course.
Hahonico soundly navigates this course for salons.
"Power of the Heart" is needed to navigate the proper course.
Hahonico's Power of the Heart is a spirit that remains single-mindedly steadfast for the sake of customers and salons alike.
Also important is "Power of Support."
Hahonico makes full-fledged efforts to support joy in customers' lives and growth for salons.
We also boast "Power of Product" that is second to none.
Our products with their roots in the standpoint of customers, and our product development abilities with their basis in ecological and LOHAS concepts, are what give birth to long-selling products.

Power of Heart Customers' concerns are as varied as the customers themselves.
The concerns of salons serving those customers are diverse as well.
Always in tune with the Spirit of Receptivity, the Spirit of Sympathy, and the Spirit of Consent, Hahonico hears salons' troubles through empathetic counseling, and aids their future growth by offering solutions through products.
Power of Support Hahonico wields its abundant knowledge of hair and products to support salons through consultation. Through solutions that are matched to salons' varied forms of business, we create a Salon Roadmap and, to aid the growth of staff, host the Rapport Carist Accreditation School.
Power of Product Discerning the needs of the times and of our customers, we imbue our products with care that is felt deeply by customers and turns products into long sellers through repeat sales.
Our product managers ask why every product comes into being, to instill life into products in the form of meaning and value.

Salon Roadmap (Royal Customer Road)


Counseling and consultation


Establishment of individual brand


Establishment of menu brand


Establishment of salon brand


Acquisition of lifelong customers
(Royal Customers)


Corporate profile

Company name
Hahonico Inc.

Kitayama-cho 1-1, Tennoji-ku, Osaka


10 million yen/jp

Yoshiaki Sakai

Number of employees
100 (Group total)

Main business
Research and development and
manufacture of cosmetics and
quasi drugs
Technical and sales consulting
Product Development Department
In-house Product Sales Department
Salon Development Department

Main banks
The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd.,
Uehonmachi Branch
Resona Bank, Ltd., Kosaka Branch
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation,
Fujiidera Branch

Opened Hahonico Inc., Osaka Headquarters
PROTEX·JAPAN Bldg., Kitayama-cho 1-1, Tennoji-ku, Osaka City, Osaka Pref, 543-0035, JAPAN
TEL 81-6-6779-8025 FAX 81-6-6779-8027

Hahonico Inc., Tokyo Branch, Education Laboratory
Horus Nishi-shinjuku 2F, Nishi-shinjuku 4-11-21, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo Metropolice 160-0023, JAPAN
TEL 81-3-5834-7676 FAX 81-3-5939-8025

Hahonico Inc., Fukuoka Sales Office
No. 7 Green Building 5F, Hakata-ekimae 2-12-10, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka City,Fukuoka Pref 812-0011, JAPAN
TEL & FAX 81-92-451-2469

Hahonico Inc., Sapporo Sales Office
No. 2 Time Building 5F, Minamiichijonishi 10-4, Chuo-ku, Sapporo City,Hokkai-do 060-0061, JAPAN
TEL 81-11-204-8025 FAX 81-11-204-8027

Hahonico Inc., Nagoya Branch
Prosim Osu 4F, Osu 2-6-16, Naka-ku, Nagoya City,Aichi Pref 460-0011, JAPAN
TEL 81-52-202-8025 FAX 81-52-202-8027

Corporate history

June 1994
PROTEX·JAPAN Laboratories founded (individual)
Began development and manufacture of in-house products
Began OEM development and manufacture for cosmetics

January 1998
Established PROTEX·JAPAN Inc.

August 1999
Launched Hahonico Sales Department; began development and sales of in-house products (Hahonico)

October 2001
Opened Hahonico Fukuoka Sales Office

October 2002
Change of organization from Hahonico Sales Department to Hahonico Inc.

January 2003
Established CV. PROTEX INDO (Indonesian branch)

December 2004
Completion of the PROTEX·JAPAN Building Established hair delight MAiBU

January 2007
Opened Hahonico Inc., Tokyo Branch / Education Laboratory

January 2008
Opened Hahonico Inc., Sapporo Sales Office

January 2009
Relocated PROTEX·JAPAN Inc. main office in conjunction with establishment of Kyoto Plant and Laboratory

July 2011
Opened PROTEX·JAPAN Inc., Tokyo Office

September 2011
Opened Hahonico Inc., Nagoya Branch